restricted access   Volume 70, Number 4, Winter 2003

Table of Contents

Editor’s Introduction

p. v

Five Approaches to the Phenomenon of Shame

pp. 1015-1030

Shame in Ancient Greece

pp. 1031-1060

Honor Dishonorable: Shameful Shame

pp. 1061-1074

The American National Conversation about (Everything but) Shame

pp. 1075-1108

Toward a Deep Cultural Psychology of Shame

pp. 1100-1129

The Tortured, Not the Torturers, Are Ashamed

pp. 1131-1148

Shame, Guilt, and Violence

pp. 1149-1180

The Role of the Self in Shame

pp. 1181-1204

Evolution, Social Roles, and the Differences in Shame and Guilt

pp. 1205-1230

A King Lear of the Debtors’ Prison: Dickens and Shakespeare on Mortal Shame

pp. 1231-1258

The Waning of Shame in Modern Life: Kundera’s Novels as a Case Study

pp. 1259-1276

A Narrative on “Shame”

pp. 1277-1296

The Birth of the Picaro from the Death of Shame

pp. 1297-1326

Losses of Face: Rembrandt, Masaccio, and the Drama of Shame

pp. 1327-1350

Shame and the Samurai: Institutions, Trusthworthiness, and Autonomy in the Elite Honor Culture

pp. 1351-1378