restricted access   Volume 45, Number 3, Fall 2014

Table of Contents

Africa and the Black Atlantic

Yogita Goyal, Guest Editor


Africa and the Black Atlantic

pp. v-xxv


Provincializing Slavery: Atlantic Economies in Flora Nwapa’s Efuru

pp. 1-26

The Other Black Ocean: Indo-Portuguese Slavery and Africanness Elsewhere in Margaret Mascarenhas’s Skin

pp. 27-47

African Atrocity, American Humanity: Slavery and Its Transnational Afterlives

pp. 48-71

Home, or the Limits of the Black Atlantic

pp. 72-90

On the Margins of the Black Atlantic: Angola, the Eastern Bloc, and the Cold War

pp. 91-109

Affect and Diaspora: Unfashionable Hope in Melvin B. Tolson’s Libretto for the Republic of Liberia

pp. 110-129

“I Knew that Spain Once Belonged to the Moors”: Langston Hughes, Race, and the Spanish Civil War

pp. 130-146

Egypt, Arab Nationalism, and Nubian Diasporic Identity in Idris Ali’s Dongola: A Novel of Nubia

pp. 147-166

Migrant Forms: African Parade’s New Literary Geographies

pp. 167-187

Reading the Diasporic Abiku in Helen Oyeyemi’s The Icarus Girl

pp. 188-205

Leaving Lagos: Intertextuality and Images in Chris Abani’s GraceLand

pp. 206-226


A Deep Humanness, a Deep Grace: Interview with Chris Abani

pp. 227-240


Afterword: Outside the Black Atlantic

pp. 241-244