Volume 17, Number 3, Fall 2014

Table of Contents


S(anger) Goes Postal in The Woman Rebel: Angry Rhetoric as a Collectivizing Moral Emotion

pp. 381-420

Countersymbols and the Constitution of Resistance in American Fundamentalism, 1919–1922

pp. 421-454

Dimensions of Temporality in President Obama’s Tucson Memorial Address

pp. 455-476

“The Guardian Genius of Democracy”: The Myth of the Heroic Teacher in Lyndon B. Johnson’s Education Policy Rhetoric, 1964–1966

pp. 477-510

“There Was No One Coming With Enough Power to Save Us”: Waiting for “Superman” and the Rhetoric of the New Education Documentary

pp. 511-539

Book Reviews

Making the Case: Advocacy and Judgment in Public Argument ed. by Kathryn M. Olson, et al. (review)

pp. 541-544

Militant Citizenship: Rhetorical Strategies of the National Woman’s Party, 1913–1920 by Belinda A. Stillion Southard (review)

pp. 544-548

Hearing the Hurt: Rhetoric, Aesthetics, & Politics of the New Negro Movement by Eric King Watts (review)

pp. 548-553

The Good Neighbor: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Rhetoric of American Power by Mary E. Stuckey (review)

pp. 553-558

Cold War Progressives: Women’s Interracial Organizing for Peace and Freedom by Jacqueline Castledine (review)

pp. 558-561

Spiritual Modalities: Prayer as Rhetoric and Performance by William Fitzgerald (review)

pp. 561-565

The Violence of Victimhood by Diane Enns (review)

pp. 565-567

Observation Points: The Visual Poetics of National Parks by Thomas Patin (review)

pp. 568-571