restricted access   Volume 40, Number 1, Issue 78, Summer 2014

Table of Contents

Special Issue: (tidbits) The easiest thing I ever published

Edited by Jorge Lucero

Marginalia and Pliability

pp. vii-x


Pen on Mini Legal, 5 × 7 in., #23 of a series of 100, titled Drawing in Passing

pp. 1-2


pp. 3-5

Tree on My Head

p. 6

on Crits

pp. 7-8

Altruistic Thinking

p. 9

Disruptive: Remarks

pp. 10-13

Looking at Art Teaching Through Zen Aesthetics

pp. 14-16

Tracing Suburban Desire

pp. 17-18

Still Life With Telephone

pp. 19-21

Making Metaphors 2010

pp. 22-24

Other Lessons Learned From Relational Aesthetics

pp. 25-27

Reading Between the Obliques

pp. 28-30

Mapping the Academy: Artifacts from Cartographic Experiments on The Ohio State University Main Campus

pp. 31-32

Mothers, Daughters of Freedom Fighters, and Tales of Activism

pp. 33-34

Struggling Artist: A Vignette

pp. 35-36

Rejected Grant Proposal

pp. 37-39

Identity Lessons

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The Meditation Collection Space

pp. 49-53

I thought I saw you… but it was only your hair

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pp. 56-58

Savoring Small Variations: Two Girls Painting Stories

pp. 59-60

You Belong Here

pp. 61-63

Between Two Twilights

pp. 64-65

Untitled (Love Songs, for Professor Ward Weldon)

pp. 66-67

The Path to Hedonic Thrift Inquiry

pp. 68-70

Higher Rewards

pp. 71-73

Postscript: Tentative Inscriptions of Becoming

pp. 74-77

J. Beuys: Flâneur Experience and the Pyrexial Arts

pp. 78-81

Theory of Melancholic Rhetoric

pp. 82-84

Most Likely You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine (The function of the studio)

pp. 85-86

Jellyfish and Transformative Pedagogy

pp. 87-89

Narrative Fragment as Inquiry Into Teaching

pp. 90-92

Letter of Resignation as Jonathan Peaché

pp. 93-94

“Hold this for me”: Is What Remains Artifact or Agent?

pp. 95-96

Morning Patterns: A Kindergarten Teacher, on a Typical Workday …

pp. 97-99

(Not) Starting a Model Urban Arts Collaborative: Turning a Good Idea into a Bureaucratic Debacle

pp. 100-103

Species of Thought

pp. 104-106

The Joy

pp. 107-108

White is Not Neutral: Accounting for a Personal Ritual in My Studio Practice

pp. 109-112

Reading to Teach: Toward an Ordinary Pedagogy

pp. 113-115

This Is (Not) Public Pedagogy (?/.)

pp. 116-117

Handwriting Is Physical Visual Thinking

pp. 118-120

The Art of Brevity

pp. 121-123

Flight of the “Artademics”: Scholarly Gentrification and Conceptual+Art Discourses

pp. 124-126

Olfaction: On Learning Through the Nose

pp. 127-128

Tell Me Your Secrets

pp. 129-134

Rolling Dung and Feeling Privileged to Do So

pp. 135-137

Not Showing

pp. 138-140

Lines of Flight: Trajectories of Young Children Drawing

pp. 141-143

The Cart, the Horse, and the Guys in Cellblock B

pp. 144-148

Crystalline Awareness: A Suggestion for Arts Assessment

pp. 149-152