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Editor's Note

On Readers, Triggers, Access, and Accountability

pp. v-viii


My Brother and What Comes From Wreckage

pp. 1-12

When This Is All Over

pp. 13-20

The Devil Wind

pp. 21-29


pp. 31-39

These Vanishing Hills

pp. 41-50

Coming Out

pp. 51-62

Under Ground

pp. 63-75


pp. 77-78

But We Loved It All the Same

pp. 79-85


pp. 87-90

In the Classroom

pp. 91-101

The Place We First Came From

pp. 103-113

Experimental Road

pp. 115-125

Essay with Commentary

An Autobiography of Usefulness

pp. 127-131

Commentary on “An Autobiography of Usefulness”: An Autobiography of Commentary

pp. 133-137

Writer as Reader

Karen Hays Paints Equals Signs on the Windowpane

pp. 139-145


Welcome to Our Country: Four Men Toss Around the Nonfiction Football

pp. 147-159

Inter-Review: Barrie Jean Borich and Arianne Zwartjes on Anatomies and Essay Maps

pp. 161-170

The Unquiet Underground

pp. 171-175

Trail Crews and Rangers: Women Working the Parks

pp. 177-181

More Good News for Nonfictionists

pp. 183-187

The Mysticism of Flannery O’Connor

pp. 189-192

Memoir, Mountains, and Mormons

pp. 193-201

About the Contributors

About the Contributors

pp. 203-208