restricted access   Volume 1, Number 4, December 1920

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From: The Canadian Historical Review

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Notes and Comments

pp. 343-346


Canada as a Vassal State

pp. 347-353

The First “New Province” of the Dominion

pp. 354-378

Notes and Documents

The Portrait of Champlain

pp. 379-380

Walter Butler’s Journal of an Expedition Along the North Shore of Lake Ontario, 1779

pp. 381-391

Reviews of Books

Ursprung der französischen Bevölkerung Canadas: Ein Beitrag zur Siedelungsgeschichte Nord-Amerikas by Von Louis Hamilton (review)

pp. 392-394

Dollard des Ormeaux et ses Compagnons: Notes et Documents par E. Z. Massicotte (review)

pp. 394-395

Grands Anniversaires: Souvenirs historiques et pensées utiles by l’abbé H.-A. Scott (review)

pp. 395-396

Lendemains de conguête: Cours d’histoire du Canada a l’Université de Montréal, 1919–1920 by l’abbé Lionel Groulx (review)

pp. 396-402

The Slave in Canada by Hon. William Renwick Riddell (review)

pp. 402-403

The Loyalists of Pennsylvania by Wilbur H. Siebert, and: The Loyalists in the Revolution by Frank R. Diffenderfer (review)

pp. 403-404

Spain and England’s Quarrel over the Oregon Country by F. G. Young, and: The Log of the Princesa, by Estevan Martinez by H. I. Priestley (review)

pp. 405-406

Old Province Tales: Upper Canada by William Renwick Riddell (review)

pp. 406-408

Select British Documents of the Canadian War of 1812 ed. by William Wood (review)

pp. 408-411

David Thompson’s Journeys in Idaho by T. C. Elliott (review)

pp. 411-412

Journal of a trip from Fort Colvile to Fort Vancouver and return in 1828, by John Work ed. by W. S. Lewis and J. A. Meyers (review)

p. 412

The Nisqually Journal ed. by Victor J. Farrar (review)

p. 413

“The Natural Resources Question”: The Historical Basis of Provincial Claims by Chester Martin (review)

pp. 413-415

A Study in Canadian Immigration by W. G. Smith (review)

pp. 415-416

Wild Life in Canada by Captain Angus Buchanan (review)

p. 416

Recollections of a Police Magistrate by Col. George T. Denison (review)

pp. 416-418

Canada in the Great World War. Vol. V: The Triumph of the Allies by various authorities (review)

pp. 419-421

“The Times” Book of Canada, and: A Cyclopedia of Canadian Biography: Brief Biographies of Persons Distinguished in the Professional, Military, and Political Life, and the Commerce and Industry of Canada, in the Twentieth Century ed. by Hector Charlesworth (review)

pp. 421-422

Recent Publications Relating to Canada

pp. 423-430