restricted access   Volume 37, Number 3, August 2014

Table of Contents


An Investigation of the Look-Ask-Pick Mnemonic to Improve Fraction Skills

pp. 371-391

Effects of Aligning Self-Management Interventions with Functional Behavioral Assessment

pp. 393-406

An Evaluation of a Treatment Package Consisting of Discrimination Training and Differential Reinforcement with Response Cost and a Social Story on Vocal Stereotypy for a Preschooler with Autism in a Preschool Classroom

pp. 407-430

Quasi-Experimental Studies

Immediate Effects of a Program to Promote School Readiness in Low-Income Children: Results of a Pilot Study

pp. 431-460

Factors Associated with the Use of Restraints in the Public Schools

pp. 461-475

Data-Based Case Study

The Effects of a Modified Treatment Package With and Without Feeder Modeling on One Child’s Acceptance of Novel Foods

pp. 477-493

Survey Study

Emergent Literacy Practices and Support for Children with Disabilities: A National Survey

pp. 495-529

Literature Review

Choice-Based Stimulus Preference Assessment for Children with or at-risk for Emotional Disturbance in Educational Settings

pp. 531-558