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Table of Contents


p. vii


pp. ix-xviii

The Region

The Quest for Regional and Domestic Stability

pp. 1-19

Southeast Asian Economies: Waiting for a Rebound

pp. 20-36

Southeast Asia and the Major Powers: Engagement not Entanglement

pp. 37-52

ASEAN: Managing External Political and Security Relations

pp. 53-75

US-China Relations: Managing Differences Remains an Urgent Challenge

pp. 76-82

Brunei Darssalam

Brunei in 2013: Paradoxes in Image and Performance?

pp. 83-95


Cambodia in 2013: The Winds of Change

pp. 97-116


Indonesia in 2013: Anticipating 2014

pp. 117-138

Terrorism in Indonesia: A Fading Threat?

pp. 139-147


Laos in 2013: International Controversies, Economic Concerns and the Post-Socialist Rhetoric of Rule

pp. 149-171


Malaysia in 2013: Najib’s Pyrrhic Victory and the Demise of 1Malaysia

pp. 173-189

Malaysia’s Dilemma: Economic Reforms but Politics Stay the Same

pp. 190-202


Myanmar in 2013: Integration and the Challenge of Reform

pp. 203-223

Navigating the Economic Reform Process

pp. 224-240

The Philippines

The Philippines in 2013: Popular President Confronts Daunting Challenges

pp. 241-259

The Southern Philippines in 2013: One Step Forward, One Step Back

pp. 260-273


Singapore in 2013: The Times They are a-Changin’

pp. 275-289

Challenges Facing the Singapore Economy

pp. 290-302


Thailand in 2013: Haunted by the History of a Perilous Tomorrow

pp. 303-318

Thailand’s Southern Insurgency

pp. 319-335


Timor-Leste in 2013: Charting Its Own Course

pp. 337-352


Vietnam in 2013: Domestic Contestation and Foreign Policy Success

pp. 353-372