restricted access   Volume 47, Number 4, 2014

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Special Issue: SIGGRAPH 2014 Art Papers and Acting in Translation Art Gallery

Guest Editorial

pp. 312-313

ACM SIGGRAPH Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement in Digital Art

pp. 314-315

Art Papers

Art Papers Jury

p. 316

Aesthetics of Biocybernetic Designs: A Systems Approach to Biorobots and Its Implications for the Environment

pp. 318-324

The Aesthetics of Liminality: Augmentation as Artform

pp. 325-336

Malleable Environments and the Pursuit of Spatial Justice in the Bronx

pp. 337-343

Nervous Ether: Soft Aggregates, Interactive Skins

pp. 344-351

Object Intermediaries: How New Media Artists Translate the Language of Things

pp. 352-359

A Piece of the Pie Chart: Feminist Robotics

pp. 360-366

Posture Platform and The Drawing Room: Virtual Teleportation in Cyberspace

pp. 367-374

Transmission: A Telepresence Interface for Neural and Kinetic Interaction

pp. 375-385

XEPA - Autonomous Intelligent Light and Sound Sculptures That Improvise Group Performances

pp. 386-393

Acting in Translation

Acting in Translation Art Gallery Jury

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pp. 398-399

The Evolution of Silence

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pp. 404-405

Looking Glass Time

pp. 406-407

Modern Video Processor

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Points of View

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pp. 414-415

Speculatorum Oculi

pp. 416-417

Subway Stories

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