restricted access   Volume 15, Number 3, Summer 2014 (New Series)

Table of Contents

Special Issue: In the Shadow of the Holocaust: Soviet Jewry on the Eastern Front

From the Editors

Soviet Jewry and Soviet History in the Time of War and Holocaust

pp. 471-476


Between Life and Death: Why Some Soviet Jews Decided to Leave and Others to Stay in 1941

pp. 477-504

Hating Soviets—Killing Jews: How Antisemitic Were Local Perpetrators in Southern Ukraine, 1941–42?

pp. 505-533

Jewish Youth in the Minsk Ghetto: How Age and Gender Mattered

pp. 535-562

Differing Views among Red Army Personnel about the Nazi Mass Murder of Jews

pp. 563-590


A Colonial History of the Bloodlands

pp. 591-596

History and Historians

“The Confession of an Atheist Who Became a Scholar of Religion”: Nikolai Semenovich Gordienko’s Last Interview

pp. 597-620

Review Essays

Cities and Identity, War, and Memory in the Baltic Region

pp. 621-635

Socialist Worlds of Dissent and Discontent after Stalinism

pp. 637-652


The Testament of Ivan the Terrible

pp. 653-656

Power and the 18th-Century Nobility

pp. 657-664

Citizenship in Russia and the Soviet Union

pp. 665-669

Stalin’s Rule of Terror

pp. 670-675

Contributors to This Issue

pp. 676-677