restricted access   Volume 36, Number 3, August 2014

Table of Contents


The “Woman Question” in Post-Socialist Legal Education

pp. 507-568

The Conditional Effects of International Human Rights Institutions

pp. 569-589

Global and Regional Standards on Violence Against Women: The Evolution and Synergy of the CEDAW and Istanbul Conventions

pp. 590-606

The Right to Sanitation: Time to Delink from the Right to Water

pp. 607-629

Human Rights and South-South Development Cooperation: Reflections on the “Rising Powers” as International Development Actors

pp. 630-652

The Receptor Approach: A New Human Rights Kid on the Block or Old Wine in New Bags? A Commentary on Professor Zwart’s Article in HRQ

pp. 653-662

Book Reviews

Human Rights and Transnational Solidarity in Cold War Latin America ed. by Jessica Stites Mor (review)

pp. 663-664

Truth and Indignation: Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Indian Residential Schools by Ronald Niezen (review)

pp. 665-666

The Crucifix in the Classroom, Religious Symbols, and Public Classroom Walls: An International Perspective on Religion in the Public Sphere, The Lautsi Papers: Multidisciplinary Reflections on Religious Symbols in the Public School Classroom ed. by Jeroen Temperman (review)

pp. 668-682

Speaking Rights to Power: Constructing Political Will by Alison Brysk (review)

pp. 682-684

Nationalism and Human Rights: In Theory and Practice in the Middle East, Central Europe, and the Asia-Pacific ed. by Grace Cheng (review)

pp. 685-686


pp. 687-689