restricted access   Volume 58, 2012

Table of Contents

Protocols for a New Nature

co-edited by Eyal Peretz and Paul North

Sleepwalking Mouse

p. viii


pp. 1-4


Aristotle and the Masculinization of Phusis

pp. 7-34

On a Parish Death Notice

pp. 35-56

Thankless Trouble: Ethical Contemplation of Nature

pp. 57-70

Speculative Evolution: Darwin, Freud, and the Whale

pp. 71-94


pp. 95-114


A Partir d’une Pensée de Novalis / Starting Out from Novalis

pp. 116-121

On Nature

pp. 122-130

The Borrowed Voice of Animals

pp. 131-138

Voices Carried on the Billows of the Wind

pp. 139-142


pp. 143-144

Covert: (It Is a Sunny Midwinter Afternoon)

pp. 145-147

A Note on Fauvemann’s Nachlass

pp. 148-150

Subnature Writing

pp. 151-154

The Soul of Carbon Dioxide

pp. 155-158

Another Nature: A Brief Note on the New York Subway

pp. 159-162

Life-Force, or the Genius of Rhodes

pp. 163-168

Insect Trails Across My Field Notes

pp. 169-173

Nth Nature

pp. 174-175

The Ground, The Ground, The Ground: Or, Why Archeology Is So ‘Hard’

pp. 176-184

Two Protocols for Nature: A Note on Hegel and Schelling

pp. 185-187

Second Nature: In the Age of Biobanks

pp. 188-192

Aesthetic Nature: Against Biology

pp. 193-195

Nature Deficiency, Nature Hunger

pp. 196-197

Silent Running: Notes for the Remake

pp. 198-201

Shame on You! 3 scandals on which to build or bail

pp. 202-204

Twenty-Two Theses on Nature

pp. 205-210

Nature, Like a Person, Is Not One-Sided: Robert Smithson in Search of the Picturesque in England, Wales, and Central Park

pp. 211-217

Ecology and Egology: Husserl and Rilke on the Natural World

pp. 218-222

From Musicking, to Start: Natural Signs and the Limit of the Human

pp. 223-227

Nature in the Anthropocene?: A Reflection on a Photograph

pp. 228-234

The Mathematization of Nature: Galileo, Husserl, Mandelbrot

pp. 235-240

Notes on the Contributors

pp. 241-248