restricted access   Volume 18, Number 2, July 2014 (No. 44)

Table of Contents

The Last Conjuncture

pp. vii-x

The Refusal of Work: From the Postemancipation Caribbean to Post-Fordist Empire

pp. 1-17

Dictates of Dominican Democracy: Conceptualizing Caribbean Political Modernity

pp. 18-35

Birth of a Station: Broadcasting, Governance, and the Waning Colonial State

pp. 36-52

Specters in the Forest: Gothic Form and World-Ecology in Edgar Mittelholzer’s My Bones and My Flute

pp. 53-68

Oriki fe Madiba

pp. 69-71

Caribbean Historiography

Guest editors Melanie Newton and Matthew Smith

Thinking Haiti’s Nineteenth Century

pp. 72-79

“Awful Pirates” and “Hordes of Jackals”: Santo Domingo/The Dominican Republic in Nineteenth-Century Historiography

pp. 80-94

Incommensurable Epistemologies?: The Atlantic Geography of Healing in the Early Modern Caribbean

pp. 95-107

Port of Departure, Port of Return: Mapping Indentured Returns to Calcutta

pp. 108-122

Beyond Fugitive Speech: Rumor and Affect in Caribbean History

pp. 123-140

Literary Competition Winners 2013


Rituals and Remembrances

pp. 141-147


pp. 148-157

Short Fiction

The Paternity Test

pp. 158-164

Watching Death …

pp. 165-172

Book Discussion: Julian Henriques, Sonic Bodies: Reggae Sound Systems, Performance Techniques, and Ways of Knowing; Alexander G. Weheliye, Phonographies: Grooves in Sonic Afro-Modernity

Afro-philo-sonic Fictions: Black Sound Studies after the Millennium

pp. 173-179

Engendering Phonographies: Sonic Technologies of Blackness

pp. 180-190

Dread Bodies: Doubles, Echoes, and the Skins of Sound

pp. 191-201


pp. 202-204