restricted access   Volume 31, Number 2, August 2014

Table of Contents

Country Focus on “Integrating Myanmar into the Global Economy”

Edited by Tin Maung Maung Than

Country Focus Articles

Introductory Overview: Myanmar’s Economic Reforms

pp. 165-172

Five Growth Strategies for Myanmar: Re-engagement with the Global Economy

pp. 173-194

Myanmar’s Trade and Its Potential

pp. 195-209

Foreign Exchange Market Reform in Myanmar: Achievements and Challenges

pp. 210-224

Banking and Financial Regulation and Reform in Myanmar

pp. 225-240

Myanmar’s Economic Institutions in Transition

pp. 241-255

Original Articles

Shifts in Exchange Rate Regimes and Inflation Persistence in Vietnam, 1992–2010

pp. 256-275

A New Electricity Tariff in Brunei Darussalam: Welfare Implications for Households

pp. 276-291

Productivity, Efficiency and Privatization in the Malaysian Water Industry

pp. 292-312

Regional Economic Integration in ASEAN: How Far Will It Go?

pp. 313-335

Book Reviews

Emerging Knowledge Economies in Asia: Current Trends in ASEAN-5 ed. by Dessy Irawati and Roel Rutten (review)

pp. 336-337

Vietnam’s Economic Entities in Transition ed. by Shozo Sakata (review)

pp. 337-339

Asian and Pacific Cities: Development Patterns ed. by Ian Shirley and Carol Neill (review)

pp. 339-341

Trade and Employment in Asia ed. by Niny Khor and Devashish Mitra (review)

pp. 341-342

Managers and Management in Vietnam: 25 Years of Economic Renovation (Doi Moi) by Vincent Edwards and Anh Phan (review)

pp. 342-343