restricted access   Issue 114, 2014

Table of Contents

Gay Nigeria

Amiri Baraka (1934-2014)

pp. v-1

Amiri Baraka and the Music of Life: Blues People fifty years later

pp. 2-12

LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka and Me

pp. 13-29

Amiri Baraka: the staccato master of the word

pp. 30-36

Witness: a conversation with Kellie Jones on art and culture

pp. 37-46

Gay Rights in Nigeria

p. 47

One More Nation Bound in Freedom: themes from the Nigerian “Anti-Gay Law”

pp. 48-59

Dire Straights in Nigeria

pp. 60-68

Changing Attitudes through the Example of Jesus: Transition interviews Nigerian gay rights activist

pp. 70-83

Ode to the 99 cent store, and: On Rage

pp. 85-87

Castles: slave forts, tourist resorts, and the burden of the past

pp. 88-107

The Chief Sam Movement, A Century Later: public histories, private stories, and the African diaspora

pp. 108-130

The Silences of Bob Kaufman: A Cento and; Cento for Césaire

pp. 131-133

Hypothecation: debt bondage for the neoliberal age

pp. 134-145

The Great Convert

pp. 146-162

How to Freak Out Your American Roommate

pp. 163-172

“Is Viola Davis in it?”: black women actors and the “single stories” of historical film

pp. 173-184

12 Years a Slave: a conversation with Steve McQueen

pp. 185-196

Notes on Contributors

pp. 197-201