restricted access   Volume 122, Number 3, Summer 2014

Table of Contents

Current Books in Review

Mordant Wit

pp. xxxix-xli

Irwin on Fitzgerald

pp. xxxvii-xxxviii

Information Storage and the Joseph Story

pp. xli-xliii

A Rollicking Satire

pp. xliii-xlv

Epiphanies and Surprises

pp. xlv-xlvi


pp. xlvii-xlviii


A Change in the Weather

pp. 345-380

Animal Tracks

pp. 381-393


pp. 394-407

Lives Half-Lived

pp. 408-427

The Old Gentleman

pp. 428-444


An Underworld of Elegies

pp. 445-448


pp. 449-452


pp. 453-454

Harboring Spirits

pp. 455-458


Norman Mailer, Theodore Dreiser, and the Politics of American Literary History

pp. 459-472

The State of Letters

The Literary Feud

pp. 473-478

Sad Rags: Tales of Enchanted Dresses

pp. 478-483

Rome to Ravello with Set This House on Fire

pp. 484-494

Kathryn Stockett’s The Help: A Memoir

pp. 494-499

Joan Didion Daughter of Old California

pp. 500-505

Arts and Letters

Fairness and Reciprocity

pp. 506-514

Neville Jason’s Proust

pp. 514-519

Revaluation a Salute to Robertson Davies

pp. 519-521

In Memory of:

Maxine Kumin
Woman of Letters: poet, essayist, and critic.
Winner of the Aiken Taylor Award
in Modern American Poetry in 1995

Vern Rutsala
Poet, prose-poet, and teacher
contributor to the SR, 1982–2002

“For all the casual language,
there is precision of metaphor; for all
the quietness, a moving force;
and for all the commonplace experiences,
a genuine significance” — R. D. Spector