restricted access   Volume 69, Number 3, July 2014

Table of Contents


The AIDS Pandemic in Historic Perspective

pp. 351-382

“An Army of Reformed Drunkards and Clergymen”: The Medicalization of Habitual Drunkenness, 1857–1910

pp. 383-425

Cadaver Brains and Excesses in Baccho and Venere: Dementia Paralytica in Dutch Psychiatry (1870–1920)

pp. 426-460

“Our Sickness Record Is a National Disgrace”: Adelle Davis, Nutritional Determinism, and the Anxious 1970s

pp. 461-491

Commentary: Let’s Eat, Let’s Worry

pp. 491-493

In Memoriam: Sherwin B. Nuland (1930–2014)

pp. 494-495

Book Reviews

Picturing the Book of Nature: Image, Text, and Argument in Sixteenth-Century Botany and Anatomy by Sachiko Kusukawa (review)

pp. 496-498

Lotions, Potions, Pills, and Magic: Health Care in Early America by Elaine G. Breslaw (review)

pp. 498-500

Fevered Measures: Public Health and Race at the Texas–Mexico Border, 1848–1942 by John McKiernan-González (review)

pp. 501-503

Deluxe Jim Crow: Civil Rights and American Health Policy, 1935–1954 by Karen Kruse Thomas (review)

pp. 503-506

Exclusions: Practicing Prejudice in French Law and Medicine, 1920–1945 by Julie Fette (review)

pp. 506-508

American Pandemic: The Lost Worlds of the 1918 Influenza Epidemic by Nancy K. Bristow (review)

pp. 508-510

Pills, Power, and Policy: The Struggle for Drug Reform in Cold War America and Its Consequences by Dominique A. Tobbell (review)

pp. 511-513

The Morning After: A History of Emergency Contraception in the United States by Heather Munro Prescott (review)

pp. 513-515

Saving Babies?: The Consequences of Newborn Genetic Screening by Stefan Timmermans and Mara Buchbinder (review)

pp. 515-518

The Genealogical Science: The Search for Jewish Origins and the Politics of Epistemology by Nadia Abu El-Haj (review)

pp. 518-520