restricted access   Volume 15, Number 2, Summer 2014

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From: Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History

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“On the Side of Law and Order”: Indigenous aides to the mounted police on the settler frontiers of Australia and Canada

“A Danger Which More or Less Threatens Us All”: Yellow fever and the politics of disease control in Senegal 1890–1914

Listen to Nodes of Empire: Speech and Whiteness in Victorian Hawker’s License Courts

Following the “Hippie Sahibs”: Colonial cultures of travel and the Hippie Trail

Review Essays

The Spanish Empire and Atlantic World History

Hiding the Nation in the Global: Modern intellectual history and South Asia

Book Reviews

Hating Empire Properly: The Indies and the limits of Enlightenment anticolonialism by Sunil M. Agnani, and: Arbitrary Rule: Slavery, Tyranny, and the Power of Life and Death by Mary Nyquist (review)

Cultures and Caricatures of British Imperial Aviation: Passengers, pilots, publicity by Gordon Pirie (review)

Empire, Nationalism, and the Postcolonial World: Rabindranath Tagore’s writings on history, politics, and society by Michael Collins (review)

House but no Garden: Apartment Living in Bombay’s Suburbs, 1898–1964 by Nikhil Rao (review)

Blacks and Blackness in Central America: Between race and place ed. by Lowell Gudmundson and Justin Wolfe, and: Labor and Love in Guatemala: The eve of independence by Catherine Komisaruk (review)

Brothers in Arms, Partners in Trade: Dutch-Indigenous alliances in the Atlantic world, 1595–1674 by Mark Meuwese (review)

The Death and Afterlife of the North American Martyrs by Emma Anderson (review)

Aloha America: Hula circuits through the U.S. empire by Adria Imada (review)

Little Manila is in the Heart: The making of the Filipina/o American community in Stockton, California by Dawn Bohulano Mabalon (review)