restricted access   Volume 81, Number 2, Summer 2014

Table of Contents

Food and Immigrant Life

Endangered Scholars Worldwide

pp. v-xxiv

Editor’s Introduction

pp. xxvii-xxviii

I. Food Scarcity and Migration

Introduction: Food Scarcity and Migration

pp. 273-275

Food Scarcity and Migration: An Overview

pp. 277-298

Enhancing Adaptation Options and Managing Human Mobility: The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

pp. 299-326

Food Deprivation: A Basis for Refugee Status?

pp. 327-339

II. The Food Business and the American Dream: Gateway or Obstacle?

Introduction: The Food Business and the American Dream: Gateway or Obstacle?

pp. 343-346

Feeding America: Immigrants in the Restaurant Industry and Throughout the Food System Take Action for Change

pp. 347-358

Developing Occupational and Family Resilience among US Migrant Farmworkers

pp. 359-372

The Immigrant Restaurateur and the American City: Taste, Toil, and the Politics of Inhabitation

pp. 373-396

Hot Dogs, Hipsters, and Xenophobia: Immigrant Street Food Vendors in New York

pp. 397-408

III. Recreating Home in the United States


pp. 411-414

Food, Identity, and Cultural Reproduction in Immigrant Communities

pp. 415-439

“Old Stock” Tamales and Migrant Tacos: Taste, Authenticity, and the Naturalization of Mexican Food

pp. 441-462

Roti and Doubles as Comfort Foods for the Trinidadian Diaspora in Canada, the United States, and Britain

pp. 463-488

Recreating the Chinese American Home through Cookbook Writing

pp. 489-500

Notes on Contributors

pp. 501-502