restricted access   Volume 29, Number 3, Summer 2014

Table of Contents

Readers Respond


Midterm Elections 2014

New Leadership in the NSP

Politics and Society

Trauma Legacies in the Middle East

Neoliberalism’s War Against the Radical Imagination

Rethinking Religion

The Shadow Side of Freedom: Building the Religious Counterculture

A Ritual Dismantling of Walls: Healing from Trauma through the Jewish Days of Awe

Special Section

Thinking Anew About God

What Takes the Place of What Used to Be Called God?

God and Goddess Emerging

The Empty Throne: Reimagining God as Creative Energy

Two Feminist Views of Goddess and God

A Beaked and Feathered God: Rediscovering Christian Animism

A Progressive Hindu Approach to God

A Buddhist God?


The God of Process Theology: An Interview with John Cobb

Ideality, Divine Reality, and Realism

Embracing and/or Refusing God-Talk



Can a Spiritual Outlook Regenerate Our Social Institutions?

Visionary Hope

Peter Gabel Responds


Black Hat

Tikkun Recommends