restricted access   Volume 24, Number 2, June 2014

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Editorial Note

pp. vii-viii

Special Feature: Commemorating Edmund Pellegrino

In Memoriam: Dr. Edmund Pellegrino’s Legacy: Secure in the Annals of Medicine

pp. 97-104

Edmund Pellegrino’s Philosophy and Ethics of Medicine: An Overview

pp. 105-112

Edmund Pellegrino and the Art of Civilized Dialectics

pp. 113-119

Feature Articles

The Risk-Escalation Model: A Principled Design Strategy for Early-Phase Trials

pp. 121-139

Clinical Research before Informed Consent

pp. 141-157

The Paradox of Conscientious Objection and the Anemic Concept of ‘Conscience’: Downplaying the Role of Moral Integrity in Health Care

pp. 159-185

Web Only Reviews

Climate Matters: Ethics in a Warming World by John Broome (review)

pp. E-1-E-5

Why Have Children?: The Ethical Debate by Christine Overall (review)

pp. E-6-E-10


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