restricted access   Volume 55, Number 4, May 2014

Table of Contents

An Exploration of Policies Governing Faculty-to-Student Consensual Sexual Relationships on University Campuses: Current Strategies and Future Directions

pp. 337-352

Pre- and Post-Transfer Academic Advising: What Students Say Are the Similarities and Differences

pp. 353-367

Identity, Stress, and Behavioral and Emotional Problems in Undergraduates: Evidence for Interaction Effects

pp. 368-384

Accuracy of Self-Reported College GPA: Gender-Moderated Differences by Achievement Level and Academic Self-Efficacy

pp. 385-390

Black Female Voices: Self-Presentation Strategies in Doctoral Programs at Predominately White Institutions

pp. 391-407

Research in Brief

The Influence of Sexual Scripts and the “Better than Average” Effect on Condom Responsibility

pp. 408-412

The Impact of an Intensive Learning Program (ILP) on Black Male Football Student-Athlete Academic Achievement

pp. 413-418

Attitudes about Help-Seeking Mediate the Relation Between Parent Attachment and Academic Adjustment in First-Year College Students

pp. 418-423

Book Reviews

Identity Development of College Students: Advancing Frameworks for Multiple Dimensions of Identity by Susan R. Jones and Elisa S. Abes (review)

pp. 424-427

Assessment for Excellence: The Philosophy and Practice of Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education (2nd ed.) by Alexander W. Astin and Anthony Lising Antonio (review)

pp. 427-429

Changing on the Job: Developing Leaders for a Complex World by Jennifer Garvey Berger (review)

pp. 429-431