restricted access   Volume 30, Number 1, Spring 2014

Table of Contents

Editors’ Introduction

pp. 1-3


Sex in the Shadow of Rome: Sexual Violence and Theological Lament in Talmudic Disaster Tales

pp. 5-24

What Comes into a Woman and What Comes Out of a Woman: Feminist Textual Intervention and Mark 7:14–23

pp. 25-41

Bearded Woman, Female Christ: Gendered Transformations in the Legends and Cult of Saint Wilgefortis

pp. 43-63

Marking the Body: Resemblance and Medieval Muslim Constructions of Paternity

pp. 65-84

Lording It over the Goddess: Water, Gender, and Human-Environmental Relations

pp. 85-109

In a Different Voice

Christ in the Desert

pp. 111-112

In Both Hands, Courage: (A portrait of Jean Anouilh’s Antigone)

pp. 113-114

Where It Leads

p. 115

When the Poisons Begin Doing Damage

pp. 116-118

On a Recitation of Psalms

p. 119


p. 120

Roundtable: Revisiting Our Right to Choose after Thirty Years

Beverly Wildung Harrison: Forefronting Women’s Moral Agency

pp. 121-122

Is “Pro-Choice” What We Really Mean to Say?

pp. 122-128

Considering Social Policy on Abortion: Respecting Women as Moral Agents

pp. 129-138

From Politics to Theology: Responding to Roman Catholic Ecclesial Control of Reproductive Ethics

pp. 138-147

The Cultural and Legal Reproduction of Poverty: Abortion Legislation in Israel

pp. 147-156

(Out of) Places, Please! Demystifying Opposition to Procreative Choice in Afro-Diasporic Communities in the United States

pp. 156-165

Living It Out

Women Crucified for the Sins of the Fathers: Censorship and the Crucifixion Motif in the Art of Rachael Romero

pp. 167-184

Notes on Contributors

pp. 185-188