restricted access   Volume 41, 2014

Table of Contents

An Invitation to Work – Editors’ Introduction

pp. 1-4

Critical Historiography

Interpreting Documentary Sources on the Early History of the Congo Free State: The Case of Ngongo Luteta’s Rise and Fall

pp. 5-33

Good Kings, Bloody Tyrants, and Everything In Between: Representations of the Monarchy in Post-Genocide Rwanda

pp. 35-62

“A Little Book of Logic” – Reconstructing Colonial Arts of Suasion at Government College, Umuahia

pp. 63-82

Writing Eritrea: History and Representation in a Bad Neighborhood

pp. 83-115

The Idle and the Industrious – European Ideas about the African Work Ethic in Precolonial West Africa

pp. 117-145

New Sources for South African History

A Note on Gluckman’s 1930s Fieldwork in Natal

pp. 147-154

On Burning One’s Bridge: The Context of Gluckman’s Zulu Fieldwork – With the previously unpublished chapter “The Research Situation” (circa 1946)

pp. 155-194

Conflict and Cohesion in Zululand: an Historical Study in Social Organization

pp. 183-194

A Critical Analysis of James Stuart’s A History of the Zulu Rebellion 1906

pp. 195-220

Visual Impersonation —: Population Registration, Reference Books and Identification in the Eastern Cape, 1950s–1960s

pp. 221-248

Labor History and Africa

No Global Labor History without Africa: Reciprocal Comparison and Beyond

pp. 249-276

The Archaeological Potential for Reconstructing the History of Labor Relations in East Africa, c. 1500–1900

pp. 277-306

Labor Relations and Population Developments in Tanzania: Sources, Shifts, and Continuities from 1800 to 2000

pp. 307-335

Labor Relations in Zimbabwe from 1900 to 2000: Sources, Interpretations, and Understandings

pp. 337-362

Work in Times of Slavery, Colonialism, and Civil War: Labor Relations in Angola from 1800 to 2000

pp. 363-385

Africa's Archives in the Age of Web Democracy

Open Sourcing the Colonial Archive – A Digital Montage of the History of Fernando Pó and the Bight of Biafra

pp. 387-415

Serendipity: Conducting Research on Social History in Ghana’s Archives

pp. 417-423

The Early Issues of the First Newspaper in Hausa Gaskiya ta fi Kwabo, 1939–1945

pp. 425-431