restricted access   Volume 39, Issue 4, December 2013

Table of Contents

Readers’ Forum
Austerity and the Alt-Ac

Introduction: Austerity and the Alt-Ac

pp. 1-3

Preparing for Life “Beyond Academe”: Professional Skills Development for Graduate Students in Canadian Universities

pp. 4-8

Making it Work: Piloting Co-operative Education for English PhD Students at UBC

pp. 9-12

Co-op and Career Centres and Faculty Collaborating to Support Graduate Students’ Career Success

pp. 13-16

“Small Bets” and the PhD Process: Alt-Ac Careers for Humanities PhDs

pp. 17-20

The Straight Line: Sexuality, Futurity, and the Politics of Austerity

pp. 21-24

Fuck Austerity

pp. 25-28

Neoliberalism, Austerity, and the Academy

pp. 29-31


Queer Opera

“A child is being beaten”: Peter Pan, Peter Grimes, and a Queer Case of Modernism

pp. 33-54

“An adventure in music I’ll never forget”: Opera, Queerness, and the Hard-Boiled Style in James M. Cain’s Serenade

pp. 55-70

Marking Territory: Rawi Hage’s Novels and the Challenge to Postcolonial Ethics

pp. 71-90

Toward the Desertion of Sycorax’s Island: Challenging the Colonial Contract

pp. 91-111

Imagined Canadians

Reading From a Distance in/and Canadian Cities: Negotiating the Stylistics of Locality

pp. 113-144

Dear Miss Cowie: The Construction of Canadian Authorship, 1920s and 1930s

pp. 145-171