restricted access   Volume 7, Issue 2, Summer 2014

Table of Contents

Doctor Who Fiftieth Anniversary Issue


The year of the Doctor: Celebrating the 50th, regenerating public value?

pp. 159-178

Who invented Shakespeare?: Or, was the Globe Theatre a TARDIS?

pp. 179-194

Periodising Doctor Who

pp. 195-215

The many Doctors symposium

William Hartnell

pp. 217-219

Peter Cushing

pp. 219-222

Patrick Troughton

pp. 223-225

Jon Pertwee

pp. 225-227

Tom Baker

pp. 227-230

Peter Davison

pp. 230-232

Colin Baker

pp. 233-235

Sylvester McCoy

pp. 235-237

Paul McGann

pp. 238-240

Richard E. Grant

pp. 240-242

John Hurt

pp. 242-244

Christopher Eccleston

pp. 244-246

David Tennant

pp. 246-248

Matt Smith

pp. 248-251


pp. 251-254

Doctor Who review articles

Insufficient evidence: Evaluating Dr Who’s lost adventures

pp. 257-264

Bigger on the inside, or maybe on the outside

pp. 265-286

DVD reviews

Branded by Jamie Bradshaw and Aleksandr Dulerayn (review)

pp. 287-289

Oblivion by Joseph Kosinski (review)

pp. 290-294

The World’s End by Edgar Wright (review)

pp. 294-298

Book reviews

Solar Flares: Science Fiction in the 1970s by Andrew M. Butler (review)

pp. 299-300

Music in Science Fiction Television: Tuned to the Future eds. by K.J. Donnelly and Philip Hayward (review)

pp. 301-303

About the contributors

pp. 305-308