restricted access   Volume 55, Number 2, June 1974

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Sir Guy Carleton and the Campaign of 1776 in Canada

pp. 131-140

Squelching the Disloyal, Fenian-Sympathizing Brood: T. W. Anglin and Confederation in New Brunswick, 1865–6

pp. 141-158

The Board of Commerce and the Canadian Sugar Refining Industry: A Speculation on the Role of the State in Canada

pp. 159-175


History as Applied Science: A Philosophical Study by William Todd (review)

pp. 176-177

Biology, History, and Natural Philosophy ed. by Allen D. Breck, Wolfgang Yourgrau (review)

pp. 177-178

Collective Violence ed. by James F. Short Jr, Marvin E. Wolfgang (review)

pp. 178-179

Polybius by F.W. Walbank (review)

pp. 179-180

The Dispute of the New World: The History of a Polemic, 1750–1900 by Antonello Gerbi (review)

pp. 180-182

The Containment of Latin America by David Green (review)

pp. 182-183

The Meiji Restoration by William G. Beasley (review)

pp. 183-185

The Influence of the United States on Canadian Development: Eleven Case Studies ed. by Richard A. Preston (review)

pp. 185-186

Policy by Other Means: Essays in honour of C.P. Stacey ed. by Michael Cross, Robert Bothwell (review)

pp. 187-188

The Quebec Act : Protest and Policy by Hilda Neatby (review)

pp. 188-189

The Canadian Crisis and British Colonial Policy, 1828–1841 by Peter Burroughs (review)

pp. 189-190

Orangeism: The Canadian Phase by Hereward Senior (review)

pp. 190-191

Histoire documentaire de la Congrégation des Missionnaires Oblats de Marie-Immaculée dans I’Est du Canada. 2e Partie: Dans la Seconde Moitié du XIXe Siècle (1861–1900) vol. X, by Gaston Carrière, OMI (review)

pp. 191-192

Manitoba 1870: A Metis Achievement by G.F.G. Stanley (review)

pp. 192-193

Oliver Mowat’s Ontario ed. by Donald Swainson (review)

pp. 193-194

The Last War Drum: The North West Campaign of 1885 by Desmond Morton (review)

pp. 194-197

Dictionary of Canadian Biography. X: 1871 to 1880 ed. by Marc La Terreur (review)

pp. 197-199

The Church in the British Era by John S. Moir (review)

pp. 199-201

A History of Alberta by James A. MacGregor (review)

pp. 202-203

The Twenties in Western Canada ed. by S.M. Trofimenkoff (review)

pp. 203-204

Bretton Woods Revisited ed. by A.K.L. Acheson, J.F. Chant, M.F.J. Prachowny (review)

pp. 204-205

In Defence of Canada. III: Peacemaking and Deterrence by James Eayrs (review)

pp. 205-206

Canadian Defence Priorities: A Question of Relevance by C.S. Gray (review)

pp. 206-207

A Seat at the Table by Lt.-Gen. E.L.M. Burns (review)

pp. 207-209

Education: Ontario’s Preoccupation by W.G. Fleming (review)

pp. 209-210

Fifteenth-Century England 1399–1509 ed. by S.B. Chrimes, C.D. Ross, R.A. Griffiths

pp. 210-211

England and the Baltic in the Elizabethan Era by Henryk Zins (review)

pp. 211-212

The Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals, 1824–1900, Volume II: Tables of Contents and Identification of Contributors with Bibliographies of Their Articles and Stories and an Index of Initials and Pseudonyms ed. by Walter E. Houghton (review)

pp. 212-214

British Antislavery 1833–1870 by Howard Temperley (review)

pp. 214-215

Lord John Russell by John Prest (review)

pp. 215-217

Austria, Great Britain and the Crimean War: The Destruction of the European Concert by Paul W. Schroeder (review)

pp. 217-218

Comparative Development in Social Welfare ed. by E.W. Martin (review)

pp. 218-220

The Howe Brothers and the American Revolution by Ira D. Gruber (review)

pp. 220-222

Political Parties before the Constitution by Jackson Turner Main (review)

pp. 222-223

Bound with Them in Chains: A Biographical History of the Antislavery Movement by Jane H. Pease, William H. Pease (review)

pp. 223-224

The New Woman in Greenwich Village, 1910–1920 by June Sochen (review)

pp. 224-226

Victor Berger and the Promise of Constructive Socialism, 1910–1920 by Sally M. Miller (review)

pp. 226-227

Henry Ford and Grass-roots America by Reynold M. Wik (review)

pp. 227-228

Dear Miss Em: General Eichelberger’s War in the Pacific, 1942–1945 ed. by Jay Luvaas (review)

pp. 228-229

A Survey of the Vatican Archives and of its Medieval Holdings by Leonard E. Boyle, OP (review)

pp. 229-231

Music in the Service of the King: France in the Seventeenth Century by Robert M. Isherwood (review)

pp. 231-232

Honor, Commerce and Industry in Eighteenth-Century Spain by W.J. Callahan (review)

pp. 232-234

The Politics of German Protestantism: The Rise of the Protestant Church Elite in Prussia, 1815–1848 by Robert M. Bigler (review)

pp. 234-235

The Sword and the Sceptre: The Problem of Militarism in Germany. III: The Tragedy of Statesmanship – Bethmann Hollweg as War Chancellor (1914–1917); IV: The Reign of German Militarism and the Disaster of 1918 by Gerhard Ritter (review)

pp. 235-238

Notes and Comments

Notes and Comments

pp. 239-249

Recent Publications Relating to Canada

pp. 250-259


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