restricted access   Volume 47, Number 4, Summer 2014

Table of Contents


Section I: Comparative Analysis

Racial Inequality in Brazil and the United States, 1990-2010

pp. 829-854

Mobility and Modernity in the Urban Transport Systems of Colonial Manila and Singapore

pp. 855-877

Section II: Slavery and Coercion

Mutawalladeen and Malaria: African Slavery in Arabian Wadis

pp. 878-896

Capitalism’s Captives: The Maritime United States Slave Trade, 1807–1850

pp. 897-921

The “Commonwealth of Virginia vs. Virginia Christian”: Southern Black Women, Crime & Punishment in Progressive Era Virginia

pp. 922-942

Prisoners Writing Home: The Functions of Their Letters c. 1680–1800

pp. 943-967

Section III: Age Structure

Aging and Dependency in an Independent Indian Nation: Migrant Families, Workers and Social Experts (1940–60)

pp. 968-993

Sensation and the Making of New Zealand Adolescence

pp. 994-1020

Section IV: Regional Issues

“A Dark State of Affairs”: Hajj Networks, Pan-Islamism, and Dutch Colonial Surveillance during the Interwar Period

pp. 1021-1041

The Transsexual Phenomenon: A Counter-History

pp. 1042-1070

“You Could Not Get Any Person to be Trusted Except the State”: Poorer Workers’ Loss of Faith in Voluntarism in Late 19th Century Britain

pp. 1071-1095


Evening’s Empire: A History of the Night in Early Modern Europe by Craig Koslofky (review)

pp. 1096-1098

Wood: A History by Joachim Radkau (review)

pp. 1098-1099

Making Noise: From Babel to the Big Bang & Beyond by Hillel Schwartz (review)

pp. 1099-1100

Deep History: The Architecture of Past and Present Edited by Andrew Shryock and Daniel Lord Small (review)

pp. 1101-1103

Queer America: A People’s GLBT History of the United States by Vicki L. Eaklor (review)

pp. 1104-1106

Stranger Intimacy: Contesting Race, Sexuality, and the Law in the North American West by Nayan Shah (review)

pp. 1106-1107

Thicker than Water: Siblings and their Relations, 1780–1920 by Leonore Davidoff (review)

pp. 1108-1109

Selling to the Masses: Retailing in Russia, 1880–1930 by Marjorie L. Hilton (review)

pp. 1109-1111

Death and Redemption: The Gulag and the Shaping of Soviet Society by Steven A. Barnes (review)

pp. 1111-1113

Being Soviet: Identity, Rumour, and Everyday Life under Stalin, 1939–53 by Timothy Johnston (review)

pp. 1113-1115

Thrift and Thriving in America: Capitalism and Moral Order from the Puritans to the Present Edited by Joshua J. Yates and James Davison Hunter (review)

pp. 1115-1117

Armed with Abundance: Consumerism and Soldiering in the Vietnam War by Meredith Lair (review)

pp. 1117-1119

Engendered Death: Pennsylvania Women Who Kill by Joseph W. Laythe (review)

pp. 1119-1120

Doing Time in the Depression: Everyday Life in Texas and California Prisons by Ethan Blue (review)

pp. 1121-1123

Color in the Classroom: How American Schools Taught Race, 1900–1954 by Zoe Burkholder (review)

pp. 1123-1125

German History in Modern Times: Four Lives of the Nation by William Hagen (review)

pp. 1125-1127

Index Volume 47

pp. 1128-1133