restricted access   Volume 57, Number 4, 2014

Table of Contents


Wilde the Irishman Reconsidered: “The Muses care so little for geography!”

pp. 443-462

Reconsidering a “Neglected Classic” and Widening the Canon of World War I Poetry: The Song of Tiadatha

pp. 463-479

Isabella Bird and Japonisme Travel Writing: Common Interests

pp. 480-496

Adventures in the Marketplace with H. Rider Haggard: Author-Publisher Relations in Mr. Meeson’s Will

pp. 497-518

Bram Stoker’s The Lady of the Shroud: Supernatural Fantasy, Politics, Montenegro and Its Double

pp. 519-534

Book Reviews

The Stillness East of Ypres

pp. 535-538

Wilde & the Classics

pp. 539-542

Science, Evolution & Ecology

pp. 542-545

The Novel as an Evolving Genre

pp. 545-548

Surveying Conrad Criticism

pp. 548-553

Hardy in Context

pp. 553-556

Juvenilia, Money-Makers, & Masterpieces

pp. 556-559

Hallucination & Literature, 1880–1914

pp. 559-562

The Only Unforgivable Sin: On Boredom & Being Bored

pp. 562-566

Modernism & Magic

pp. 566-570

Victorian Gothic Cityscape

pp. 570-573

Shaw on Duty

pp. 573-576

Methuen’s Edition: Shaw’s Mrs Warren’s Profession

pp. 576-579

Modern Irish Drama

pp. 579-583