restricted access   Voluume 57, Number 3, 2014

Table of Contents


Bram Stoker’s “Lost” Sketch: “To the Rescue”

pp. 299-308

Women and Sadism in Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: “City in a Nightmare”

pp. 309-323

To Laugh or Not to Laugh: Shaw’s Comedy on Stage

pp. 324-334

Corelli’s Caliban in a Glass: Realism, Antirealism, and The Sorrows of Satan

pp. 335-360

E. W. Hornung’s Unpublished “Diary,” the YMCA, and the Reading Soldier in the First World War

pp. 361-387

Book Reviews

Two Kiplings: The Ongoing Battle

pp. 388-391

Literary Value & Textual Editing

pp. 391-396

Generating Interest in Swinburne

pp. 396-400

Interdisciplinary Pre-Raphaelite Cambridge Companion

pp. 400-403

The Victorian Club

pp. 404-407

Forster & Billy Budd

pp. 407-409

British Women’s Travel to Greece

pp. 409-413

Mahaffy’s Rambles in Greece

pp. 413-417

WW I, Shell Shock, & the Death Drive

pp. 417-420

The Role of Imperialism in Modernism

pp. 420-425

Joyce’s Renascence

pp. 425-429

Caveat Lector

pp. 429-433

Joyce & the Military Presence

pp. 433-436

Victorian Artists’ Life-Writing

pp. 437-438