restricted access   Issue 82, 2014 (New Series)

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Dew litters this lawn with stars

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Heart of the Octopus

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The Apocalypse Comes to Coal Country

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Choose Your Own Adventure

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Judas Horse

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On the Ghost Ship Lollipop

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As the Water Rose

pp. 11-18

There Are Bright Signs in the Crystal Ball—I’d Say Yes

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Caddo River Elegy

pp. 20-21

Jesus Walks in Blue above Louisiana

p. 22

Blessing of the Beasts

p. 23

Between Experiments

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Twenty-One Titles for a Revenge Poem

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The Novelist and the Short Story Writer

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Like Adrian Dantley

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Like Emily Dickinson

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The Governor in Love

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Entries from The Lover’s Field Guide

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Bad Flower

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Imaginary Vacation Scenario #2

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True Story

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In Transit

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Questions for Pablo

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The Material Etymologies of Cecilia Vicuña: Art, Sculpture, and Poetic Communities

pp. 59-96

Hallucination and Madness: The Impact of Censorship on Mo Yan’s Writing

pp. 97-110

Surveying the Field

The Novel at the World Scale: (on David Palumbo-Liu, Bruce Robbins, and Nirvana Tanoukhi, eds., Immanuel Wallerstein and the Problem of the World: System, Scale, Culture [2011]; Jon Hegglund, World Views: Metageographies of Modernist Fiction [2012]; John Marx, Geopolitics and the Anglophone Novel, 1890–2011 [2012]; and Elizabeth Anker, Fictions of Dignity: Embodying Human Rights in World Literature [2012])

pp. 111-125

“Ask Me If I Care”: Work, Injustice, and Other People’s Happiness: (on Sara Ahmed, The Promise of Happiness [2010])

pp. 126-150

Old Left, New Class: Literary Anxiety in the Consumers’ Republic: (on Stephen Schryer, Fantasies of the New Class: Ideologies of Professionalism in Post–World War II American Fiction [2011]; Michael Szalay, Hip Figures: A Literary History of the Democratic Party [2012]; and Alan M. Wald, American Night: The Literary Left in the Era of the Cold War [2012])

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Books Received

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