restricted access   Volume 21, 2014

Table of Contents

From the Editor

pp. v-vi

Green Mimesis: Girard, Nature, and the Promise of Christian Animism

pp. 1-14

The Lord Has Made All Things: Creatio Ex Nihilo and the Ecological Imagination

pp. 15-21

Beautiful Minds in Dialogue: The Correspondence between René Girard and Raymund Schwager (1974–1991)

pp. 23-27

Mimesis and Freedom

pp. 29-45

Dialogue on Sacrifice and Orthodoxy: Reflections on the Schwager-Girard Correspondence

pp. 47-54

Raymund Schwager’s Maieutics: “Mimesis and Freedom” and the Transformation of René Girard

pp. 55-65

Step-by-Step: On the Way to the Rehabilitation of the Sacrifice in the Correspondence between Raymund Schwager and René Girard

pp. 67-73

Mimetic Theory and Latin America: Reception and Anticipations

pp. 75-120

From a “Revealed” Psychology to Theological Inquiry: James Alison’s Theological Appropriation of Girard

pp. 121-130

Violence Has Its Reasons: Girard and Bataille

pp. 131-156

Subversive Joy and Positive Reciprocity: A Chestertonian-Girardian Dialogue

pp. 157-173

Girard’s Lost Time: Messianic Temporality in Things Hidden

pp. 175-198


pp. 199-203