restricted access   Volume 34, Number 1, 2014

Table of Contents

Editors’ Note

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Insurgent Thought

Introduction: Insurgent Thought

pp. 2-8

Echoes of Ghadr: Lala Har Dayal and the Time of Anticolonialism

pp. 9-23

Re-Orientation: The Chinese Azharites between Umma and Third World, 1938–55

pp. 24-51

Jotirao Phule’s Satyashodh and the Problem of Subaltern Consciousness

pp. 52-66

Revolutionary Journeys, Revolutionary Practice: The Hajj Writings of Jalal Al-e Ahmad and Malcolm X

pp. 67-85

A Return to Which Self?: ͑Ali Shari’ati and Frantz Fanon on the Political Ethics of Insurrectionary Violence

pp. 86-105

Tragedy Made Flesh: Constitutional Lawlessness in Du Bois’s Black Reconstruction

pp. 106-125

Donald Quataert

The Impact of Donald Quataert’s “History from Below” on Ottoman and Turkish Studies

pp. 126-128

History from Below and the Writing of Ottoman History

pp. 129-134

Money, Peasant Mobility, Çiftliks, and Local Politics in Salonika: 1740–1820

pp. 135-146

Rule, Misconduct, and Dysfunction: The Police Forces in Theory and Practice in Fin-de-Siècle Istanbul

pp. 147-159

Ruling the Periphery, Governing the Land: The Making of the Modern Ottoman State in Kurdistan, 1840–70

pp. 160-175

Armenian Migration to North America, State Power, and Local Politics in the Late Ottoman Empire

pp. 176-190

Winding Road to Modernization: Trabzon-Erzurum-Bayezid Road in the Late Ottoman World

pp. 191-205

The Régie Monopoly and Tobacco Workers in Late Ottoman Istanbul

pp. 206-219


pp. 220-221