restricted access   Volume 25, Number 1, Winter 2002

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From: Biography

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Autobiography & Geography: Introduction

pp. iv-xi

Reviewed Elsewhere

pp. 214-278


The Contour of Unknown Lives: Mapping Women's Experience in the Adirondacks

pp. 1-24

Stratigraphies: Writing A Suspect Terrain

pp. 25-45

Collective Memory, Commemoration, Memory, and History: Or William O'Bryan, the Bible Christians, and Me

pp. 46-57

Bearing Proxy-Witness

pp. 58-72

Writing the Geography of the Blue Ridge Mountains: How Displacement Recorded the Land

pp. 73-94

Sites of Memory: Women's Autoethnographies from Rural France

pp. 95-109

"And Hold the Bondman Still": Biogeography and Utopia in Slave and Serf Narratives

pp. 110-129

"The Greater Part of My Life Has Been Spent in India": Autobiography and the Crisis of Empire in the Twentieth Century

pp. 130-150

Redlined Africa: Ruth First'S Barrel of a Gun

pp. 151-170

Geographies of the Closet: The Lives of Paul Monette

pp. 171-179

Autotopography: Louise Bourgeois as Builder

pp. 180-202

Living on the Human Road

pp. 203-213


pp. 286-288