restricted access   Volume 15, Number 2, Spring 2014 (New Series)

Table of Contents

From the Editors

Making Russian History Up

pp. 231-234

Forum: 1812—The War in Words

The Image of Russia in French Public Opinion, 1811–12

pp. 235-262

The Horrors of War: Representations of Violence in European, Oriental, and “Patriotic” Wars

pp. 263-292


The Last “War in Lace” or the First “Total War”?

pp. 293-301


How the Concept of Totalitarianism Appeared in Late Socialist Bulgaria: The Birth and Life of Zheliu Zhelev’s Book Fascism

pp. 303-334


How the Late Socialist Intelligentsia Swapped Ideology

pp. 335-342

Forum: Fiction and the Historical Imagination

History, Real and Invented

pp. 343-352

A Tale of Three Genres: History, Fiction, and the Historical Detektiv

pp. 353-363

The Road to Stalin’s Witnesses: Seeking Truth through Fiction

pp. 365-375

History and Historians

A Jewish Radical, a Jewish Liberal, and Russian History

pp. 377-394

Review Article

To Russia with “Spain”: Spanish Exiles in the USSR and the Longue Durée of Soviet History

pp. 395-419

Review Essay

Reevaluating Russian Historical Culture

pp. 421-439


Opera, Ballet, and Political Power

pp. 441-450

Speaking Soviet in Kyrgyzstan

pp. 451-457

How the Soviets Explored the Cosmic Void and Found … Nothing

pp. 458-465


To the Editors

pp. 466-467

Anna Joukovskaia responds:

p. 467

Contributors to This Issue

pp. 468-469