restricted access   Volume 31, Number 1, April 2014

Table of Contents

Policy Focus on “Building Social Protection Systems in Southeast Asia”

Edited by Jonathan Pincus

Policy Focus Articles

Poverty, Inequality and Social Protection in Southeast Asia: An Introduction

pp. 1-17

Social Protection, Poverty and Inequality: A Comparative Perspective

pp. 18-39

Social Protection in Indonesia and the Philippines: Work in Progress

pp. 40-56

Challenging Assumptions and Managing Expectations: Moving Towards Inclusive Social Protection in Southeast Asia

pp. 57-67

Financing Social Protection in Developing Asia: Issues and Options

pp. 68-86

Original Articles

Impact of Household Credit on Education and Healthcare Spending by the Poor in Peri-Urban Areas, Vietnam

pp. 87-103

Exploring the Nexus Between ICT, Remittances and Economic Growth: A Study of Vietnam

pp. 104-120

A Basic Consumer Price Index for Cambodia

pp. 121-146

Research Note

Informal Credit in Vietnam: A Necessity Rather Than an Evil

pp. 147-154

Book Reviews

East Asian Development: Foundations and Strategies by Dwight H. Perkins (review)

pp. 155-156

The Role of Elites in Economic Development edited by Alice H. Amsden, Alisa DiCaprio and James A. Robinson (review)

pp. 157-158

Industrial Restructuring in Asia: Implications of the Global Economic Crises edited by Willem Thorbecke and Wen-jen Hsieh (review)

pp. 158-160

Social Assistance in Developing Countries by Armando Barrientos (review)

pp. 160-162

Markets and Indigenous Peoples in Asia: Lessons from Development Projects by Dev Nathan, Ganesh Thapa, Govind Kelkar with Antonella Cordone (review)

pp. 162-163