restricted access   Volume 36, Number 2, May 2014 (PAJ 107)

Table of Contents

Performance Drawing

Performance Drawings

Work on Paper

pp. vi-1

Live Transmission / Performative Drawing

pp. 2-5

Voyage of the Transfer

pp. 6-9

On Vanishing: New Mythologies for Choreography in the Museum

pp. 10-13

Only This Time

pp. 14-17

Aria for Woven Voice

pp. 18-21

Gather and Burn

pp. 22-25


pp. 26-29

Drawing as a Veinous System

pp. 30-34

Drawing My Way In

pp. 35-57

Spatial Profiling: (After Margaret Dragu’s Eine Kleine Nacht Radio)

pp. 58-61

Axial Drawing

pp. 62-65

Scripts of Time and Absence

pp. 66-69

Score (From Recto/Verso)

pp. 70-73

Performance Art and Drawing

pp. 74-77

(Two Minutes) Very Peaceful: A Note on Drawings for Performance

pp. 78-81

Writing About Drawing

pp. 82-85

How Do You Translate a Text That is Not a Text? How Do You Perform a Score That is Not a Score?

pp. 86-91


Lines of Thought: The Graphis Series of Dick Higgins

pp. 92-95

Graphis No. 19 (Act One of Saint Joan at Beaurevoir), and: Graphis No. 82, and: Graphis No. 89, For a Drama

pp. 96-98

Art & Performance Notes

Participation and its Discontents

pp. 99-107

Group Think

pp. 108-114

Dance Between Performance and Image

pp. 116-124

The Art of “Thaeter”: How to Create Social Change While Entertaining

pp. 125-131