restricted access   Volume 4, Numbers 1 and 2, 1979 (PAJ 10/11)

Table of Contents


pp. 6-7


Postmodern Performance Two Views: The End of Humanism

pp. 9-22

Postmodern Performance Two Views: The New Humanism

pp. 23-32

The American Playwright: A Life in the Theatre?

pp. 33-51

Reminiscenses of a Dance Critic

pp. 52-61

Contemplating the Navel: The Use and Abuse of Video Art

pp. 62-69

Art in the Culture

pp. 70-84

The Self as Text: Uses of Autobiography in the Theatre (Animations as Model)

pp. 85-105

A Lifetime of Dance: Bessie Schoenberg

pp. 106-117

The City and The Theatre

pp. 118-124

Performance Art in New York: Approaching the Eighties

pp. 125-128

Broadway Dancin’

pp. 129-141

The Jazz-Poetry Connection

pp. 142-151

Solo in Soho: The Performer Alone

pp. 152-158

Regional Theatre in America: A Generation Comes of Age

pp. 159-166

The Economics of Inspiration: The Failure of Public Funding

pp. 167-176

The American Imagination

pp. 177-199

I was Sitting on My Patio This Guy Appeared I Thought I was Hallucinating

pp. 200-218