restricted access   Volume 5, Number 1, 1980 (PAJ 13)

Table of Contents


pp. 7-8

Theatre and History: A Conspiracy Theory

pp. 9-24

Jürgen Holtz: Self-Portrait of an East German Actor

pp. 25-33

Moving Pictures: A Dance Photography Portfolio

pp. 34-47

The Citizens Company in Glasgow: “Four Hundred Miles from Civilization”

pp. 50-60

Children of Paradise: Working with Kids

pp. 61-74

The Molière Cycle of Antoine Vitez

pp. 75-80

Vitez on Molibre: Freeing the Actor

pp. 81-86

Re-Visioning Opera

pp. 87-95

Thomas Bernhard: An Introduction

pp. 96-100

The Hunting Party

pp. 101-131


Shakespeare: The Globe and the World by S. Schoenbaum, and: Gay Theatre Alliance Directory of Gay Plays ed. by Terry Helbing, and: Just Play: Beckett’s Theatre by Ruby Cohn, and: The End of the World by Maurice Valency, and: The Theatre of Black Americans (Volume I). Roots & Rituals/The Image Makers ed. by Errol Hill, and: The Theatre of Black Americans (Volume 11). The Presenters/The Participators ed. by Errol Hill, and: Actors on Acting ed. by Toby Cole and Helen Krich Chinoy, and: The Dance Makers: Conversations with American Choreographers by Elinor Rogosin, and: Kabuki Encyclopedia. An English-Language Adaptation of Kabuki Jiten by Samuel L. Leiter, and: Horváth: A Study by Ian Huish (review)

pp. 132-135

Letter from China

p. 136