restricted access   Volume 6, Number 3, 1982 (PAJ 18)

Table of Contents


pp. 4-5


Who is Gombrowicz?

pp. 7-22

American Theatre Abroad—The European View

pp. 23-45

Nuclear Theatre

pp. 46-50

Interview: Art and The Imagery of Extinction

pp. 51-66

Styles in Production

Don Juan by Richard Foreman (review)

pp. 67-70

Ghosts by Luca Ronconi (review)

pp. 70-72

Faust by Klaus Michael Grüber (review)

pp. 72-75

Summer Vacation Madness by Garland Wright (review)

pp. 75-77

Parsifal by Götz Friedrich (review)

pp. 77-79

Above the Villages by Wim Wenders (review)

pp. 79-81

Richard II and Twelfth Night dir. by Ariane Mnouchkine (review)

pp. 81-86

Karinthy’s Kabaré

pp. 87-90

Three Plays by Frigyes Karinthy: The Singing Lesson, Long War, The Magic Chair

pp. 91-110

Yankee, Stay Home?!

pp. 111-114


American Alternative Theater by Theodore Shank (review)

pp. 115-116

Farce: A History from Aristophanes to Woody Allen by Albert Bermel (review)

pp. 116-117

New American Dramatists: 1960–1980 by Ruby Cohn (review)

pp. 117-118

Benzene, and Zone (review)

p. 118

New Plays USA ed. by James Leverett (review)

pp. 118-119

The Antitheatrical Prejudice by Jonas Barish (review)

pp. 119-120