restricted access   Volume 9, Numbers 2&3, 1986 (PAJ 26/27)

Table of Contents


PAJ, A Personal History

pp. 23-42

I - Contexts and Conditions

Writing for a Political Theatre

pp. 45-58

The Avant-Garde Industry

pp. 59-75

History, Cultural Policy, and International Exchange in the Performing Arts

pp. 76-88

II - Theatre Geographies

Yogi’s Out, Billy’s In: The Great American Theatre Ballgame

pp. 91-98

When the Center Does Not Hold: Regional Theatre, Decentralization, and Community

pp. 99-105

Southern Theatre and the Paradox of Progress

pp. 106-116

Problems of Trans-Atlantic Traffic: German Drama in the American Theatre

pp. 117-130

III - Textualities

Theatre Criticism: The Elusive Object, the Fading Craft

pp. 133-141

Is There a Text on This Stage?: Theatre / Authorship / Interpretation

pp. 142-159

‘the play’s the thing’ —a polemic—

pp. 160-162

Presence and the Revenge of Writing: Re-thinking Theatre After Derrida

pp. 163-173

Theatrical Dance: How Do We Know It When We See It If We Can’t Define It

pp. 174-184


pp. 185-190

IV - Audience Figurations

Why We Need Broadway: Some Notes

pp. 193-198

Odd, Anonymous Needs: The Audience in a Dramatized Society

pp. 199-212

The Pre-Recorded Audience in Two Dimensions

pp. 213-218

V - Techniques and Technologies

Postmodern Performance and Technology

pp. 221-233

Bones Have Their Fates

pp. 234-236

From Science to Theatre: Dramas of Speculative Thought

pp. 237-246

VI - Text

The War in Heaven (Angel’s Monologue)

pp. 249-262

Books and Company

A Critical Introduction to Twentieth-Century American Drama: Volume One: 1900–1940; Volume Two: Williams / Miller / Albee; Volume Three: Beyond Broadway by C. W. E. Bigsby (review)

pp. 264-265

The Art of Performance by Jorge Glusberg (review)

pp. 265-266

Great Reckonings in Little Rooms: On the Phenomenology of Theater by Bert O. States (review)

pp. 266-267

Joseph Chaikin: Exploring at the Boundaries of Theatre by Eileen Blumenthal (review)

pp. 267-268

American Set Design by Arnold Aronson (review)

p. 269

Poor Dancer’s Almanac: A Survival Manual for Choreographers, Managers and Dancers by Dance Theatre (review)

pp. 269-270