restricted access   Volume 10, Number 1, 1986 (PAJ 28)

Table of Contents


Theory and the Theatre

pp. 4-5


The Controversial 1985–86 Theatre Season: A Politics of Reception

pp. 7-33

Odd, Anonymous Needs: The Audience in a Dramatized Society

pp. 34-42

Performance Notes

The Balcony by Jean Genet (review)

pp. 43-46

The Terrible but Unended Story of Norodom Sihanouk: King of Cambodia by Helene Cixous (review)

pp. 46-50

Antigone by Sophocles (review)

pp. 50-54

Hamletmachine by Heiner Müller (review)

pp. 54-57

Interface: Hilton Kramer

pp. 59-76

The PAJ Casebook

The PAJ Casebook: Alcestis

p. 79

An Introduction

pp. 80-85


pp. 86-87

Set Design

pp. 87-90


pp. 90-91


pp. 92-93


pp. 93-94

Kyogen Translator

p. 94


pp. 95-97


pp. 97-100


pp. 100-102

Audio Environment

pp. 102-103


pp. 103-104

Müller Translator

pp. 104-105

Description of a Picture/Explosion of a Memory

pp. 106-110

Robert Wilson’s Alcestis: Based on a play by Euripides

pp. 111-113

Alcestis Cast

pp. 114-115

Books and Companys

Theories of the Theatre: A Historical and Critical Survey from the Greeks to the Present by Marvin Carlson (review)

p. 116

A History of the Theatre by Glynne Wickham, and: Western Theatre: Revolution and Revival by Patti P. Gillespie, Kenneth M. Cameron (review)

pp. 116-118

Pleasures of the Belle Epoque: Entertainment and Festivity in Turn-of-the-Century France by Charles Rearick (review)

p. 118

Essays on German Theater ed. by Margaret Herzfeld-Sander (review)

pp. 118-119

Inner Landscapes: The Theater of Sam Shepard by Ron Mottram, and: Sam Shepard: The Life and Work of an American Dreamer by Ellen Oumano, and: Sam Shepard by Don Shewey (review)

p. 119