restricted access   Volume 17, Number 2/3, May/September 1995 (PAJ 50/51)

Table of Contents

The Arts and Education

pp. 1-7

It’s Only a Movie

pp. 8-19

What is Cinema?

pp. 20-29

A Lesson Plan for a Course in Film History

pp. 30-34

Proposals, Correspondence, Editorials

pp. 35-39

Modest Egoists

pp. 40-41

Teaching Video Art

p. 42

Great Changes in a Vast Ocean: Neither Tragedy Nor Joy

pp. 43-54

Theatre and the University at the end of the Twentieth Century

pp. 55-71

On Impossibility: a gothic romanza on the teaching of playwriting

pp. 72-76

Not So Special Vehicles

pp. 77-89

Theatre Education

pp. 90-92

Teaching Students to Be Artists

pp. 93-99


pp. 100-106

Teach Them to Teach Themselves

pp. 107-111

Intermedia: Enacting the Liminal

pp. 112-120

Notes on Teaching Performance Art

pp. 121-125

Performance Art in Education

pp. 126-132

A Course in Performance Art

pp. 133-136

Getting Off the Subject: Iconoclasm, Queer Sexuality, and the Celebrity Intellectual

pp. 137-150