restricted access   Volume 49, 2014

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Reopening the "Myth of the North American City" Debate

Edited by Kristin R. Good

Preface / Préface

p. 5

Reopening the Myth of the North American City Debate: On Comparing Canadian and American Cities

pp. 7-29

The Myth of the North American City Revisited: A Comparative Conceptual and Empirical Evaluation

pp. 31-52

If Different, then Why?: Explaining the Divergent Political Development of Canadian and American Local Governance

pp. 53-79

The Empowerment of Canadian Cities: Classic Canadian Compromise

pp. 81-104

Settling In: A Comparison of Local Immigrant Organizations in the United States and Canada

pp. 105-133

The Limits of Local Redistribution: Neighbourhood Regeneration Initiatives in Toronto and Phoenix

pp. 135-158

Myths and Legends: Exploring Differences in Regional Governance and Collective Action in the North American City

pp. 159-203

Studying Mayoral Leadership in Canada and the United States

pp. 205-227

Comparing the Politics of Urban Development in American and Canadian Cities: The Myth of the North-South Divide

pp. 229-249

Open Topic / Hors-thème

Selling the Scenery or Preserving the Wilderness: Canadian Members of Parliament and their Views on the Purpose of National Parks, 1945–64

pp. 253-284

Governance Regimes for Cross-Border Infrastructure: A Comparative Study of Facilities on the Canada–United States Border

pp. 285-313

Canadian Geography as National Identity: Hudson’s Bay Company Place Names and their Aboriginal Counterparts

pp. 315-333

“Honeyed Epoché”: Thinking and Singing in Ken Babstock’s Airstream Land Yacht

pp. 335-358

Canadian Studies Journals Around the World Revues d’études canadiennes dans le monde

pp. 245-247

Call for Open Topic Articles

p. 255

Soumission d’articles

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Authors / Auteurs

pp. 359-360