restricted access   Volume 48, 2014

Table of Contents

Print culture, mobility, and the middlebrow / Imprimé, mobilité. et culture moyenne

Introduction / Présentation

pp. 5-7

Home as Middle Ground in Adaptations of Anne of Green Gables and Jalna

pp. 9-31

Subversive Middlebrow: The Campaigns to Ban Kathleen Winsor’s Forever Amber in the US and Canada

pp. 33-52

The Book of Negroes’ Illustrated Edition: Circulating African-Canadian History through the Middlebrow

pp. 53-66

Martha Ostenso, Periodical Culture, and the Middlebrow

pp. 67-83

Trafficking Literature: Travel, Modernity, and the Middle Ground of Canadian and Australian Middlebrow Print Cultures

pp. 85-103

Femmes, mondanité et culture dans les années 1940 : L’exemple de la chronique « Ce dont on parle » de Lucette Robert dans La Revue populaire

pp. 105-117

“A Sweet Canadian Girl”: English-Canadian Actresses’ Transatlantic and Transnational Careers through the Lenses of Canadian Magazines, 1890s–1940s

pp. 119-135

“A City of Sin No More”: Sanitizing Montreal in Print Culture, 1964–71

pp. 137-151

Presenting Canada to the Scientific Gaze: The Handbook for the Dominion of Canada and the Eccentricity of Science Tourism

pp. 153-171

“Une femme bien en vue”: Adrienne Clarkson and the Media

pp. 173-190

Hemispheric Travel from Europe to las Américas: The Imaginary and the Novel in Québec and Canada

pp. 191-212

Canadian Magazines and Their Spatial Contexts: Digital Possibilities and Practical Realities

pp. 213-232

Scaling Up Collaboration Online: Toward a Collaboratory for Research on Canadian Writing

pp. 233-251

Canadian Studies Journals Around the World / Revues d’études canadiennes dans le monde

pp. 245-247

Authors / Auteurs

p. 252