restricted access   Volume 45, Number 1, Summer 2014

Table of Contents


Holocaust Survival Differentials in the Netherlands, 1942–1945: The Role of Wealth and Nationality

pp. 1-24

Research Note

Making History with Coins: Nero from a Numismatic Perspective

pp. 25-37

Review Essays

Well-Being and Growth: A Diachronic Discourse

pp. 39-46

A Fight for Love and Glory: The Moguls of Hollywood and the Third Reich

pp. 47-56

Comment and Controversy

Debating the Little Ice Age

pp. 57-68


Cruel Modernity by Jean Franco (review)

pp. 69-70

Landscapes and Societies in Medieval Europe East of the Elbe: Interactions between Environmental Settings and Cultural Transformations edited by Sunhild Kleingärtner, Timothy P. Newfield, Sébastien Rossignol, and Donat Wehner (review)

pp. 70-71

Bringing the Dark Past to Light: The Reception of the Holocaust in Postcommunist Europe edited by John-Paul Himka and Joanna Beata Michlic (review)

pp. 71-72

The Legal Language of Scottish Burghs: Standardization and Lexical Bundles 1380–1350 by Joanna Kopaczyk (review)

pp. 72-74

The Profligate Son, or, A True Story of Family Conflict, Fashionable Vice, and Financial Ruin in Regency Britain by Nicola Phillips (review)

pp. 74-75

Medicine and the Workhouse edited by Jonathan Reinarz and Leonard Schwarz (review)

pp. 75-77

At War in Distant Waters: British Colonial Defense in the Great War by Phillip G. Pattee (review)

pp. 77-78

Plague and Public Health in Early Modern Seville by Kristy Wilson Bowers (review)

pp. 78-79

Staying Afloat: Risk and Uncertainty in Spanish Atlantic World Trade, 1760–1820 by Jeremy Baskes (review)

pp. 79-81

Reviving the Eternal City: Rome and the Papal Court, 1420–1447 by Elizabeth McCahill (review)

pp. 81-83

Believe and Destroy: Intellectuals in the SS War Machine by Christian Ingrao (review)

pp. 83-84

American Slavery, Atlantic Slavery, and Beyond: The U.S. “Peculiar Institution” in International Perspective by Enrico Dal Lago (review)

pp. 84-85

Revolutionary Medicine: The Founding Fathers and Mothers in Sickness and in Health by Jeanne E. Abrams (review)

pp. 85-86

Sons of the Father: George Washington and His Protégés edited by Robert M. S. McDonald (review)

pp. 87-88

The First Presidential Contest: 1796 and the Founding of American Democracy by Jeffrey L. Pasley (review)

pp. 88-89

Black Slaves, Indian Masters: Slavery, Emancipation, and Citizenship in the Native American South by Barbara Krauthamer (review)

pp. 89-91

Cotton and Conquest: How the Plantation System Acquired Texas by Roger G. Kennedy (review)

pp. 91-92

Making Freedom: The Underground Railroad and the Politics of Slavery by R. J. M. Blackett (review)

pp. 92-93

Nature’s Civil War: Common Soldiers and the Environment in 1862 Virginia by Kathryn Shively Meier (review)

pp. 93-94

Freedom’s Frontier: California and the Struggle over Unfree Labor, Emancipation, and Reconstruction by Stacey L. Smith (review)

pp. 94-96

Greater Than Equal: African American Struggles for Schools and Citizenship in North Carolina, 1919–1965 by Sarah Caroline Thuesen (review)

pp. 96-97

Contesting the Postwar City: Working-Class and Growth Politics in 1940s Milwaukee by Eric Furet-Slocum (review)

pp. 97-98

Empire of the Air: Aviation and the American Ascendancy by Jenifer Van Vleck (review)

pp. 98-99

Getting Physical: The Rise of Fitness Culture in America by Shelly McKenzie (review)

pp. 100-101

The Other Welfare: Supplemental Security Income and U.S. Social Policy by Edward D. Berkowitz and Larry DeWitt (review)

pp. 101-102

Centering Animals in Latin American History edited by Martha Few and Zeb Tortorici (review)

pp. 103-105

Prostitution, Modernity, and the Making of the Cuban Republic, 1840–1920 by Tiffany A. Sippial (review)

pp. 105-106

For God and Revolution: Priest, Peasant, and Agrarian Socialism in the Mexican Huasteca by Mark Saad Saka (review)

pp. 106-107

The Grandchildren of Solano López: Frontier and Nation in Paraguay, 1904–1936 by Bridget María Chesterton (review)

pp. 108-109

Crossing the Bay of Bengal: The Furies of Nature and the Fortunes of Migrants by Sunil S. Amrith (review)

pp. 109-110