restricted access   Volume 69, Number 2, April 2014

Table of Contents

The Unwanted Heroes: War Invalids in Poland after World War I

pp. 185-220

Efficacy and Enlightenment: LSD Psychotherapy and the Drug Amendments of 1962

pp. 221-250

The Rise of Emergency Medicine in the Sixties: Paving a New Entrance to the House of Medicine

pp. 251-293

Neuro Psychiatry 1943: The Role of Documentary Film in the Dissemination of Medical Knowledge and Promotion of the U.K. Psychiatric Profession

pp. 294-324

The Cost of War—Then and Now: Commentary on “Neuro Psychiatry 1943”

pp. 324-326

Book Reviews

Plague Hospitals: Public Health for the City in Early Modern Venice by Jane L. Stevens Crawshaw (review)

pp. 327-329

Enemy in the Blood: Malaria, Environment, and Development in Argentina by Eric D. Carter (review)

pp. 329-331

William Richard Gowers, 1845–1915: Exploring the Victorian Brain by Ann Scott, Mervyn Eadie, and Andrew Lees (review)

pp. 331-333

Beriberi in Modern Japan: The Making of a National Disease by Alexander Bay (review)

pp. 333-335

Medicine, Morality, and Political Culture: Legislation on Venereal Disease in Five Northern European Countries, c. 1870–c. 1995 by Ida Blom (review)

pp. 335-338

Golden Holocaust: Origins of the Cigarette Catastrophe and the Case for Abolition by Robert N. Proctor (review)

pp. 338-340

A Disability History of the United States by Kim E. Nielsen (review)

pp. 341-343

Barefoot Doctors and Western Medicine in China by Fang Xiaoping (review)

pp. 343-345

Therapeutic Revolutions: Medicine, Psychiatry, and American Culture, 1945–1970 by Martin Halliwell (review)

pp. 345-347

The Inevitable Hour: A History of Caring for Dying Patients in America by Emily K. Abel (review)

pp. 347-349