restricted access   Volume 4, Number 2, June 2014

Table of Contents

Editor’s Note

pp. 157-158

Tom Watson Brown Book Award

Civil War Historians and the Laws of War

pp. 159-171


Working for Citizenship in Civil War Contraband Camps

pp. 172-204

The Dangerous Isms and the Fanatical Ists: Antebellum Conservatives in the South and the North Confront the Modernity Conspiracy

pp. 205-233

“An Impossible Idea?”: The Curious Career of Internal Colonization

pp. 234-263

Review Essay

Slavery, Sovereignty, and Empires: North American Borderlands and the American Civil War, 1660–1860

pp. 264-298

Book Reviews

Becoming Confederates: Paths to a New National Loyalty by Gary W. Gallagher (review)

pp. 299-301

American Slavery, Atlantic Slavery, and Beyond: The U.S. “Peculiar Institution” in International Perspective by Enrico Dal Lago (review)

pp. 301-303

The Strange History of the American Quadroon: Free Women of Color in the Revolutionary Atlantic World by Emily Clark (review)

pp. 304-306

The Lives of Margaret Fuller: A Biography by John Matteson (review)

pp. 306-308

Breaking Chains: Slavery on Trial in the Oregon Territory by R. Gregory Nokes (review)

pp. 308-311

True Songs of Freedom: “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” in Russian Culture and Society by John MacKay (review)

pp. 311-313

Lincoln’s Hundred Days: The Emancipation Proclamation and the War for the Union by Louis P. Masur (review)

pp. 313-315

The Fishing Creek Confederacy: A Story of Civil War Draft Resistance by Richard A. Sauers, Peter Tomasak (review)

pp. 316-318

Milliken’s Bend: A Civil War Battle in History and Memory by Linda Barnickel (review)

pp. 318-321

S. Weir Mitchell, 1829–1914: Philadelphia’s Literary Physician by Nancy Cervetti (review)

pp. 321-323

Marrow of Tragedy: The Health Crisis of the American Civil War by Margaret Humphreys (review)

pp. 323-326

Remembering the Civil War: Reunion and the Limits of Reconciliation by Caroline E. Janney (review)

pp. 326-328

Last of the Blue and Gray: Old Men, Stolen Glory, and the Mystery That Outlived the Civil War by Richard A. Serrano (review)

pp. 329-331

The Long, Lingering Shadow: Slavery, Race, and Law in the American Hemisphere by Robert J. Cottrol (review)

pp. 331-333

Crooked Paths to Allotment: The Fight over Federal Indian Policy after the Civil War by C. Joseph Genetin-Pilawa (review)

pp. 333-335

Books Received

pp. 336-337

Professional Notes

An Unfinished Struggle: Sesquicentennial Interpretations of Slavery and Emancipation

pp. 338-347


p. 348