restricted access   Volume 53, Number 3, Spring 2014

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From Hypnosis to Animals

pp. 1-8

From Hypnosis to Animals

pp. 8-25

American Genre Film in the French Banlieue: Luc Besson and Parkour

pp. 26-51

Cable, Pornography, and the Reinvention of Television, 1982–1989

pp. 52-75

Can Moving Pictures Speak?: Film, Speech, and Social Science in Early Twentieth-Century Law

pp. 76-99

Soviet Hollywood: The Culture Industry That Wasn’t

pp. 100-122

In Focus: Clueless


pp. 123-126

Clueless about Listening Formations?

pp. 126-131

Can I Please Give You Some Advice?: Clueless and the Teen Makeover

pp. 131-137

“We’ve Got to Work on Your Accent and Vocabulary”: Characterization through Verbal Style in Clueless

pp. 138-145

Furiously Franchised: Clueless, Convergence Culture, and the Female-Focused Franchise

pp. 145-151


p. 151

Book Review

Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture

pp. 152-177


p. 190