restricted access   Volume 90, Number 2, Spring 2014

Table of Contents

Featured Contributors

pp. 7-9

White Gold: Can Cotton Make a Comeback in the Land Where It Was Once King?

pp. 26-39

The Ghosts of Rana Plaza: In Bangladesh, one year after the worst accident in the history of the garment industry, recovery remains a fragile process, justice seems elusive, and reform has a long way to go.

pp. 44-89

Grand Unified Theory of Female Pain

pp. 114-128

A Difficult Balance: Thoughts on the Intersection of Faith and Fiction

pp. 200-206

Amateur Hour

Looper: Ronald Mallett on Bending Time

pp. 12-19


Reading Between the Lines

pp. 20-23


A Short History of Cars in Cuba

pp. 24-25


The True Cost of Cheap Clothing

pp. 40-43


Fractal Elegy, and: Doldrums

pp. 90-91

Ode to My Right Knee

p. 129

New York, I Loved You

p. 169


pp. 170-171

Personal Poem, and: Pistachio Tree at Chateau Noir

pp. 198-199


Tomaselli’s Times: The noted artist finds visual poetry in the news.

pp. 92-105

Poetry Portfolio

Fully Loaded: The Poetry of Celia Dropkin

pp. 106-107

Poems by Celia Dropkin

pp. 108-113


Peter Elroy: A Documentary by Ian Casey

pp. 130-138

When the Aged Are Reverently, Passionately Waiting

pp. 139-155

Felix Not Arriving

pp. 156-168

Photo Essay

Female Matadors

pp. 172-187


Waiting for Exile: Getting By and Getting Out of Cuba

pp. 188-197

Recent Books

Sister Cities: Louis Armstrong’s New Orleans and Stax Records’ Memphis

pp. 207-211

At Last: Elizabeth Spencer’s South

pp. 212-215

Truths, Slightly Arranged: John Updike’s Uninhibited Fiction

pp. 216-221

The Loudly Ticking Clock

pp. 222-226

New America and Old China in Dystopian Novels

pp. 227-230

Fine Distinctions

Of Calamities, Catastrophes, and Disasters

p. 231

History’s Echo

pp. 10-11

From the VQR Vault: Agrarianism and Industrialism

p. 232

Aldous Huxley’s Submission, Published as “Boundaries of Utopia,” 1931

pp. 233-234